Updating Blender character: new animations only appearing as "default take"

I created a Blender guy with working animations and put the .Blend file in my Unity Assets folder. All the animations work and I have been working with this character for a while with no problems. I decided to add an animation for holding and stabbing with a knife. I opened up my Blender file and created the animations (properly, pressing F and whatnot). I went back to Unity, and it did a quick loading icon as if updating the model. However, no new animation clips appear. Weirder still, when I click on the “Default Take” clip, that one shows the stabbing animation.

So I know Unity is updating the rig because the new animations created in Blender do appear in the editor…the problem is it just overwrites “Default Take” with whatever animation I most recently edited or had open in Blender. Does anyone know what might be going on here? Also, if I have to export the model from Blender as an FBX and bring that into the assets folder, does that mean I’m going to lose everything I already set up (character prefab, animations in the animation controller)? Any insight is appreciated.

Generally, I export FBX. That said, I’ll make a suggestion. Create another animation, this time with your character set to zero. So all bones are at zero. Then, always save your blend file with that animation selected on your character. I have no idea if it will work, but I do see issues when I don’t do this, even in FBX files.

Save as FBX, and you should be good to go. Unity does not fully understand or support .Blend files.