updating game through internet

Im tired of making maps for my game and then runing over to my friend’s house and putting new files. So I want to make a button on the menu that is not GUI, and when you press it the new files are downloaded from the internet and replaced. Or if no one is smart enough to make a script like that then maybe, The person could download a wizard from the internet that instals the files and have them replaced. Many companies do that, because then it’s easy for people not to run across the city just to update the game. Is there a person that would like to post a script for me, or just tell me any tips at least for that

  • Felipe

One thing you could do is zip up the updated files and put them online or in a Dropbox folder and give your friend(s) the link to download the updates.

For an automated update solution you could try using Asset Bundles but you might get better success with some sort of a Launcher, similar to what Minecraft uses.