Updating Rigidbody position more than once in FixedUpdate

Hey guys ! I’m working on a multiplayer game where physics is preponderant and I need to use a Rigidbody-based character controller but I’m having a little problem during server reconciliation.
To summarize : the player rigidbody on the client-side may diverge from its position on the server. When the difference is too big the client takes the player rigidbody back to the last known server position and reapplies many inputs at once in one FixedUpdate. My problem is how to apply these inputs !

  1. Setting transform.position is not working since it does not consider physics and ignore all collisions.
  2. Rigidbody.MovePosition is not working either because it resolves only once by FixedUpdate.
    Any idea on how to do this ? Any insight is welcome ! Thanks <3

Try using a while loop in the FixedUpdate method

Looks like I’ve been quite hasty posting all of this !
Physics can be simulated more than once by frame by disabling Physics auto-simulation in the project settings and then manually calling Physics.Simulate(Time.fixedDeltaTime).
I will run some more tests but so far it looks like it does what I wanted. Using this one can even work with force or velocity and ignore position.