Updating Unity and question

Hi there,

I recently got Unity3D Android license for free when Unity was offering it. I am wondering, can I put up games on the android market place with the license I got?, can I put up games for money etc?.

Also, I’ve just opened unity and it has a update. I’m wondering does my license apply to all unity versions?, current and future updates?.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You can put up game on the android market place with the Android basic licence they were offering. You can put up games for money. The only restriction is certain features within unity itself are only available to Pro licences.

With the updates I’m not 100% sure but I imagine the license does apply to all unity current and future updates.

Be careful though, there are also some other legal issues that are good to know.

If you are using a trial version or a student version, you are not allowed to sell product.

Also, (but I guess you are not there yet) a pro version is required if you make more than $100 000/year. All in all there are a bunch of restriction that you need to know before starting selling.


Also, make sure to know the licensing of the assets used in the game.

I was asking that myself, but after the update everything is ok. Absolutely no problems with update. It did not even ask me to enter licence key again.

I also thought that the licence would run out on the 10th april, but I think it was just a standard android licence for free!! - If I had known that earlier, I would have gotten the free iphone licence too. Damn!

A license key is valid for all minor version changes (=all 3.x versions), but major version changes (=update to a future 4.0) will require an additional upgrade fee.

The editor’s automatic update check will not automatically upgrade to major versions, it even ignores certain minor version updates if there were too many changes that could potentially break your project (e.g., 3.1->3.2, or 3.4->3.5). In these cases, you have to update your installation manually at your own choice.