Updating Unity engine. Essential or not?

Hello :slight_smile: Im new to using unity and Im currently using build 4.1.2f**? i got from a friend.

Would it be a rooky mestake to assume I can safely learn/do all that I need to for a simple game without updating from the current build that I am using?

None pro and first engine I am starting on with almost no previouse experiance on slight to large scale projects.

*Desired Project Modal - RPG/RTS hibrid.

  • Automonous AI {none 3rd party}
  • Inviroment {none 3rd party}
  • Character Profile {Hero module-Jada jadas}
  • Singular world stage/scene {Large Scale}
  • Multiplayer incorperation into the same world stage.
  • …ect.

I realize everything can be scripted/created but would my build have any major short comings or would a regular update ruteen be something I should be concerned with?

Any answer in this regard would be great.

For now, updating unity is not required to make small/medium and even big game. But if you want to make 2D game, you will want to update to 4.3 when it’ll be out (it’ll have official 2D support). Of course, then can be some changes in build-in unity methods, like in somedays SetActive(); was just .active. But its small changes so in summary, you don’t have to update Unity to new version to learn.

Hope that helps


Hi, from my experience it is pretty useful to update the engine as frequently as possible because every update makes something easier to do and it fixes some bugs. So I recommend updating as frequently as possible.

However each update is not necessary because you can still create whatever you wish with any version of unity; it will just be a bit more annoying because of the bugs and may take a bit longer to do things.

So to answer your question, no it is not necessary but it is useful to update unity.

Hope this helps