Upgraded to pro, imported standard image effects assets, now get compiler error PostEffectsBase not found?

I upgraded to Unity Pro. I imported the standard Image Effects (Pro Only) assets package, using the Assets menu. I now have a compiler error for the four new scripts from that asset package, AmbientObscurance, Blur, FastBloom, and TiltShitHdr. The error reads something like, PostEffectsBase not a valid type (not found). What is going on here?

I am using Unity Pro Version 4.2.1f4.

I can get rid of the errors by deleting the assets, but this kind of defeats the purpose of upgrading to pro.

Any idea what’s going on here?

i had the same exact problem, and i figured it out.
one of the packages i had imported from the asset store also had the PostEffectsBase.js file with it, which was causing a crash with eh newly imported package.

to fix, i simply searched ‘posteffectsbase’ in my project files search bar, deleted the js file it found, and reimported ONLY that file from the ‘image effects’ package.

problem solved