Upgraded to Unity 5, Animators are causing issues.

So I just upgraded my project to Unity 5 and I’m having a rather odd issue. I was making a 2D platformer (only for a few days, so it’s not very far along yet). When I upgraded it, suddenly all the characters and enemies in my scene weren’t able to move vertically. They won’t fall (well, they do a tiny bit but extremely slowly) and my main character can’t jump anymore.

My first instinct was to uncheck each component at a time on each character to see what was causing the issue. I found that when I uncheck the Animator component on any of them, the issue vanishes. However I’ve no idea how the Animator could be causing issues with movement? It was working fine before I upgraded the project so I know it must have something to do with that.

Also, there is a notification on the Animator components now. I’m not sure what it means:
“Clip Count: 8
Curves Pos: 0 Rot: 0 Scale: 0 Muscles: 0
Generic: 0 PPtr: 8
Curves Count: 8 Constant: 0 (0.0%)
Dense: 0 (0.0%) Stream: 8 (100.0%)”

I think it’s also worth noting that the actual animations are acting completely normal. It’s just the movement that isn’t working.

Thanks for any help!

Just figured this out. Uncheck ‘Apply root motion’ in the Animator.