Upgraded to URP and now my animations are not working correctly

As stated in the headline, I recently made the decision to upgrade to URP.

Everything went quite smoothly, but I soon noticed that some of my animations were not working as they did before. I am working on a 2D top down and I have plants that’ll move slightly as the player passes by. Well, not they either move way too slow or not at all.
But when I select the plant and press play in the animation window, it plays as it should. I’ve upgraded all project materials to URP through Edit->Render Pipeline->URP. I switched back to the built in RP and it worked again.

Has anyone else experienced issues like this with URP or know of any possible reasons?
I did the upgrade according to the documentation so i don’t know what I could have done wrong.

@vegaa055 Did you find any solution? I am facing the same issue.

Restart computer fixed my issue.