Upgrading from 3.5 to 4 messed up everything

Before upgrading all I did was export my assets to a package, install the new version and import them back. the result:

every game object is scattered around. everything used to work fine when I upgraded this way. what am I doin wrong ? :frowning:

I searched enough but it seems like I’m the only one having such an issue or I may not have used the right key words. I’m using the 4.0.1f2 version btw.


When you load up unity after installation, it would of asked upgrade project, did you?

It was very rude of you to delete my comment. I asked Tony to convert his comment into answer :expressionless: I wasn’t paralyzed to do it myself.

Thank you Tony and Kira for helpin. I simply let it convert the project and it fixed the problem.