Upgrading from Barracuda to Sentis with MLAgents

Hi, I currently have a working version of AI implemented in my game using MLAgents + Barracuda. I’m super excited to see the evolution to Sentis, but I was wondering what is the best way to upgrade to Sentis, given that MLAgents depends on Sentis.

Is there an experimental version of MLAgents that we can work with? Or a more detailed upgrade guide than this that describes what needs to be done? I’m happy to experiment, but would love to accelerate the work if some of it has been done already.

So MLAgents has a internal branch that supports Sentis and we’re seeing a lot of win there.
However given that we are in beta and MLAgent is opensource I think it’ll need to wait that we have released before they push the update.
That said I think we could put MLAgents in our beta program too… Let me get back to you on that one

Having MLAgents in the beta program would be amazing, thank you so much for looking into it! :grinning:

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Hey There - We pushed an update to ML-Agents today with the Sentis integration/support. Try it out and let us know if it works well for you!


Amazing thank you so much!!!

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