Upgrading to 4.0 breaks my XML reader

Perhaps there’s another workaround or explanation for this, but I didn’t see anything in the update that should be impacting this.

The error that fires when the project is upgraded to 4.0 is:

XmlException: Text node cannot appear in this state. Line 1, position 1.
This fires at “xmlStory.LoadXml(stringReader.ReadToEnd());”

the relevant code posted below. Note the BOM stripper worked fine before, but after the upgrade it sends the error whether I use an XML file with a BOM or not (tried both).

// Gets ALL the scenes.
	void GetScenes ()
		scenes = new Dictionary<string,Scene>();
		//TODO: doublecheck this isnt cvausing mass slowdown
		XmlDocument xmlStory = new XmlDocument();
		System.IO.StringReader stringReader = new System.IO.StringReader(xmlScriptRef.text);
		stringReader.Read(); // skip BOM
		//XmlDocument xmlStory = new XmlDocument();//new xmlDoc
		//xmlStory.LoadXml(xmlScriptRef.text);//load file
		XmlNodeList sceneList = xmlStory.GetElementsByTagName("scene"); //array of scenes
		foreach (XmlNode sceneInfo in sceneList)//foreach scene in list
			Scene newScene = new Scene(sceneInfo); //builds scene out of xmlnode data
			scenes.Add(newScene.title, newScene); // add whole obj dictionary in the scenes[].
			if (currentScene == null) //if there isnt a currentscene yet
				ChangeScene(newScene.title);//change to first scene
				//currentScene=newScene;//put in the first scene you get

Try removing line:
stringReader.Read(); // skip BOM