Upgrading to OS/X Mountain Lion and XCode 4.4

Is there currently any problems with upgrading OS/X to Mountain Lion when running the latest version of Unity (3.5.3f3) (including building for iOS)

And what about updating XCode to version 4.4 - does that give any issues?

Update: Unity 3.5.5 is released and should support both the new Mountain Lion and XCode.

I’d suggest following these two threads…



If you are a developer I would not do it. I upgraded to ML 10.8 and had many problems with Xcode 4.4. Once you upgrade to 10.8 you have to run 4.4 Xcode it does not support any other.
I had to wipe my whole machine and go back to 10.74 and 4.33 Xcode. This is the best I think.
I wasted countless hours when I could have been coding.

I have the latest ML and xCode and so far i have not encountered any problems with it, i can build my game and do everything just the same. Might even be a little bit faster. Not sure if anyone has reported issues but for me its been perfect this past week.