upgrading to Unity 4.3 was a terrible mistake? Can't find the issue. Please help!


I upgraded from unity 4.0 to Unity 4.3.
When i reimported my old project, every terrain texture is drawn in horrible resolution. And in every scene, even in the new ones I create, whenever I add a texture to a terrain, even in newly created ones, it is drawn in the same low resolution.

I checked Quality settings, everything’s the same. Something must have went wrong when importing the project.

In a new project terrain textures are being drawin normally. But I need to fix the issue with my old project [which I have worked on for a year]

Please help! Nobobdy seems to know what the issue is.

Look at this comparison:

Have you checked your shader on your terrain material is a terrain shader? My terrain looks like that until I use a terrain shader.

Hrm thats not good, i’ve had issues with the new Unity but nothing like that…

I take it you’re using standard terrain?

You could try this

Exit Unity

  1. Backup your project DO THIS!!
  2. Delete the Library directory from your project
  3. Restart Unity

This will make it rebuild the library.