Upgrading to Unity 5.6 - Steam VR Plugin not working

I just upgraded Unity 3D to the latest version (5.6.1f personal) and suddenly the Steam VR Plugin will no longer render the controllers. I’ve tried a few different scenes, I tried reimporting the plugin. Nothing is working. Not even starting with a fresh project and then importing the plugin fresh. It looks like there is an incompatibility with 5.6.1. Has anyone else had this problem or found a way to deal with it? I tried to google this, but I can’t find anyone else saying they’ve had this problem.

Am I going to have to roll back on the Unity 3D version? (I am not even sure where to find older versions.) Does anyone know what the last version that worked with the Steam VR plugin was? This seems like such an obvious problem. It’s hard to believe someone hasn’t already solved this. I’m still quite new with Unity 3D, so sorry if this is an obvious questions. It isn’t to me.

I had to roll mine back. People are saying that you can fix it by adding the UpdatePoses behaviour to the eye camera, but it didn’t work for me.

You can grab older versions of Unity from the download page. The latest 5.5.x works well.