Uplaoding Games

Is it legal to upload a game of unity that made with the tutorials
For example to upload the game “flappy-bird” to google play



  1. It’s probably legal, but do you really want to take legal advice from a bunch of programmers? Hire a lawyer, or better yet, if in doubt, don’t do it.
  2. Even if it is perfectly legal, doing so makes you an a**hole. Don’t try to get credit for the work of others if you want any respect at all. Learn how to make a game properly and make your own.

It depends. If you plan to sell it, which would be a waste of time because there are dozens of clones in there, you’d need permission to use the images, sprites or any other asset you got from the tutorial, unless the owner of this guide specifies there is no problem. Or you would have to make your own graphics, sounds, etc. It is not illegal to sell a game made with code from a guide since they are usually free to use, and basically they are meant to be used.

You just can’t sell a game using any kind of graphic sounds, etc made by other people without their consent. Since code can’t really be copyrighted, and since the people who make this tutorials want you to use their code, you should be able to do that as long as you create your own assets to use with that code.

Just don’t use code from any paid website or asset that you didn’t buy yourself.


OK Thanks for your fast replies !
I really appreciate it .