Upload File[photo] from mobile with unity webgl

I know unity webgl for phone is not supported but is there anyway to upload file[photo] from unity webgl mobile? I try using this

but it does not work on mobile . Any one can help?

Since there is no reply, I want update my progress.
By changing
unitycanvas.addEventListener(‘click’, OpenFileDialog, false);
unitycanvas.addEventListener(‘touchstart’, OpenFileDialog, false);
I am able to open the Upload dialog for mobile phone. But there is two other problem arise. The first one is I need to tap the button 3 times to make it works. second one is it doesn’t upload the file. If I am able to solve this problem I will try to post the answer.

The way this code works use you call GetImage.GetImageFromBrowserAsync. You pass it the name of a GameObject and the name of a method to call. The name of the GameObject MUST BE UNIQUE well, if it’s not unique Unity will attempt to call the method on every object with the same name