Upload package button is not working in asset store tools

Hello, I am trying 2 days now to upload something to the asset store. I am using the latest asset store tools v 4.0.1 and Unity free v 4.6.2p2

I have gone to the publisher’s page and created the draft package, filled in all the required fields and put in the graphics needed and then I went back to Unity editor, called the Asset Store Tools and Package Upload.

I then selected the folder where my project is and selected the models that will be used for preview, then I press upload.

Nothing happens, I don’t get any indication of something uploading or that the process has ended.

I have searched around for problems and so I have unchecked DX11 support as others have suggested but not luck. Please help me.

Can you help me with my login. I did like this: Username = Email, Password = Password but it didn’t work.