Upload to App Store Fails for iOS

I converted my unity project to an iOS app. I was able to import the project into xCode and build it (I had errors during a build and run so i had to build, then take the build and open in it xCode. I solved all the issues I had and got the game working on my iphone. Now When i go through the validation process I get a very vague notice telling me the following:

Archive validation failed due to the issues listed below.
iTunes Store operation failed. This
action could not be completed. Try

I just happened to click on the Download dSYMs button and got the following message:

Missing App Version: An app record for “Game bundle id here” was found but a matching version for “1.1” build “1.1” was not."

My version number in iTunes connect was 1.0 while the build for my game was 1.1. So, I changed the version number in iTunes connect and still receive the same message.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this please?

Thank you in advance.

Using the Application Loader avoided the failure (as opposed to using xCode)