Uploading gama via web player

Are there any tutorials on how to upload the web player? The user guide just goes over the HTML file. I built my game as a webplayer, what am I supposed to do with the folder? How do I upload the game?

You don’t upload the webplayer, you upload / host your game / website. The webplayer has to be installed by the people that want to play your game.

This isn’t really a Unity question since it’s more about “how to put something on the internet”.

If you want your game to be available to the public you need webspace where you can host your website + game. There are many free web hosters out there. Most webspace providers offers you FTP access to your webservers root folder. You just need to upload your website+game there, but as already said this has nothing to do with Unity.

nice answer prick, way to be a friendly member of the community xD