Uploading new Build files is a desaster!

I am simply not able to upload new server build files via the "Build" panel. One time it just fails on uploading. Then it only shows two files. Since today the "Upload Folder" and "Upload Files" button do not work anymore. What is happening there. I created three different build definitions already to workaround that problem but it doesn't work every time.

Can you please fix this asap. I am not able to update my server files and therefore can't do anything with the whole Multiplay service.

Hello there. To help me diagnose further can you please record your screen while this happens, and maybe show the browser developer tools console to see if any errors are thrown there?

Have you tried a different browser, or perhaps seeing if you have any browser extensions that aggressively tackle ads or cookies? Sometimes these have a negative effect on the dashboard experience.

Hey @ajdaniel_unity

I check if it's with the browser extension but also disabled it's the same. It happen from yesterday to today. Yesterday it worked fine.

Can't record something right now because the drag/drop works again (for now). Will record as soon as it happens again. However the folder upload button still doesn't work

However this error occured now:



I am sorry that you have been experiencing problems updating your build. We are currently seeing some degraded functionality in relation to build management. There was an issue whereby builds could be left in the unusable state that you have seen. A fix was put in place to prevent this happening to further builds, but any impacted builds are currently showing this error.

Could you try to create a new build and upload your build files again to this fresh build? This should unblock you at least in the short term.

We are working on a resolution for the impacted builds themselves at the moment. I'll report back here when we have updates on that front.

Hey there,
Yes at times it does work. It's fine for now. In the morning however it was quite bad. But I could pick up operations again

Im not unity technologies, did you made something in special in the time space of when the builds are horrible from now? While some errors can happen and stop from nothing, is good to try getting the cause of a build issue as there 2 unity ops there that can fix stuff (and wow... did progrids have plans for geting out of preview?)