Uploading Unity Mac Game To AppStore


So, I got my self an Apple Developer licence not so long ago, for Mac OSX, and I’ve set up all my iTunes connect contracts and information. I have also setup all my certificates. Now - here is where I get confused, apparently I need to use xcode to ‘sign’ my application, which I have no idea how to do, or what it means. Also, do I even need an ‘installer package’ for my Unity Game?

Theres no real step by step instruction on how to do this for Unity. If someone could point me in the right direction, then that would by great.


This is for Mac OS X, not iOS.

This is a paid app.

Thanks again folks.


Well I went through a million post and none of them were valid as of today, I am running Unity 5.5.2 and Application Loader 3.6 and had to go through a lot of hoops to get this to work which is why I added a step by step process to do this for any game as well as created templates for plist, entitlements, and a script to handle the signing.

Please be sure to follow the steps here.

If you have any additional questions let me know as I did this recently.