Upper Limb Visibility Setting

Our VR applications are defaulting to showing the upper limbs and we don’t want those to be shown. I found that adding the following line to the UnityMain.swift in the exported Xcode project will hide the visual as we would like.

Will there be a Player Setting added to the VisionOS section to handle this so we don’t need to make manual project modifications?



I’ve made a Jira ticket for it and informed the team that there’s a desire for it to be exposed in PolySpatial settings. It’s not currently on our roadmap however, so I can’t give specifics on when that would be available.

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Thanks, @vcheung-unity.

A quick clarification as you mentioned PolySpatial settings. I am looking for this setting for fully immersive apps that would not have any of the PolySpatial packages installed. I was thinking the setting would need to go under player settings for this rather than PolySpatial settings.

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Ack, good catch, I got my wires crossed. I’ll edit the ticket to reflect that correctly.


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Do you know how the hands will be lit in fully immersive mode? In visionOS’s default “environments”, for example, when you turn Joshua Tree to night, the user’s hands are tinted dark, making you really feel like it’s night time. Part of my experience takes place at night and I’d love for it to be able to take advantage of that.

AFAIK, right now, the passthrough hands will not be affected by the lighting in the fully immersive scene.

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Thanks for the tip !

It seems there is support on Apple’s side to apply that darkened preset to the passthrough hands through some manual changes to the the swift files in Xcode. I have seen a way to do this for Polyspatial apps, but for fully immersive apps, I haven’t yet figured it out. It does seem like it’s probably possible - here’s some details on where I got last time I looked this:

If you figure anything out, I’d be psyched to try it out!