Upside down wall jumps!

Hey Guys and Gals,

I have been happily using this code to prevent my characters from jumping up walls.

for (var contact : ContactPoint in coll.contacts)
			if(coll.gameObject.tag == "Floor" && contact.normal.y > 0.6)
				grounded = true;

This works great, but now in one of my levels, gravity is reversible, I thought it would be as simple as reversing the angle, but apparently not, now my jumping character can wall jumps again when they are walking on the roof and in contact with walls.

Can some suggest why the rules for Y normals change just because I am upside down?

I hope this is clear enough, I’ll post more code if it’s not.

Many thanks.

Can’t be sure without all code, but maybe you should change

 contact.normal.y > 0.6


 contact.normal.y < -0.6