[Urgent] Bring back a prefab that was accidently changed?


Like the title says, is there any way to bring back a prefab from a temporary folder or something that was accidently changed?
I accidently put an audio file in the Player’s prefab and i clicked ‘Change Anyway’ and then i lost my player prefab, and the player prefab was very complex.
I know this was very stupid… but it’s done.

Is there anyway to bring back that prefab? i still haven’t closed Unity since that happened, and i hope i don’t have to create the prefab from scratch again…

Please respond quickly.

Not sure, but given the UID, you might be able to find it under Library/Cache.

This is where version control systems are very useful. I strongly recommend to use one even for team with only one person (I know in this case it is not a team).