URGENT!!! Colliders don't respond/move with imported Maya animation?

So I’ve got an “almost” fully animated character in Unity. He was rigged and animated in Maya. All of his animations look great and work properly…

UNTIL!!! Until i make the character jump. At first this looks like it works wonderfully! Until I realized that my player’s capsule collider was NOT moving vertically with the player! Which wouldn’t be an issue in the game, until attempting to jump onto or over an object, as the collider stays at ground level.

The animation is an fbx that works completely apart from this collider issue.

I’ll supply images if it helps.

Is the Y up value of the character jump baked into the animation (root motion), or is the characters jump non-root motion, controlled by code?

The Y values are baked in. I’ve attempted to create/mimic the upwards motion via c# script, but cant successfully recreate the fluid motion. So i’m trying to stick with purely baked animation, if possible.

I have the exact same issue, please help @mpeterson ,Ive been getting the exact same thing please someone help!!! @mpeterson