Urgent help for a client. Unity 5.1, iOS 8 or 9 inputfield gets messed up characters.

I do not exactly know how would i put this but when i type into an inputfield in the clients ipad(ios9) or mine(ios8), i see the text on top of the ipad keyboard but they get messed up in the input field. Like this:

xyz@somemail.com → in pc test or on top of the mobile keyboard
yz s e ai . om → in the inputfield.

anybody had this? I need to deliver tomorrow if there’s any chance… :slight_smile:
Thanks for any help!

I ended up making the text inside inputfield transparent and then adding another Ui Text under inputfield as a child position where the original text should’ve been and assigning OnValueChanged the new Text component’s dynamic text value.

Weird and a dirty solution but nevermind, the client is happy :slight_smile: