urgent help needed: how SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier works on IOS?

[SOLVED] I’m using SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier to identify users, and i’m getting mixed explanations for how SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier should work.
the documentation claims it’s just a unique ID for your device. But as i upgrade from an older version of my app, i clearly see a different value.
Is it unity version dependent? or app version dependent or some other factor? some people say it will change randomly per install. but i don’t think this is the case.
On android BTW, all works smoothly.
Would appreciate any help

solution: the problem was I’ve upgraded from version that was in the appstore, to a version downloaded from testflight. Apple controls the device identifier according to vendor. it’s not some hardware id. so testflight to tostflight upgrade works fine. So does appstore to appstore. In fact, there was no problem at all :slight_smile: