Urgent: UI Issue with Unity XR Toolkit, OpenXR, and URP on Meta Quest

Hello Unity Community,

We're encountering a serious roadblock on a Unity 2022.3.4f1 project utilizing the XR toolkit with OpenXR backend and URP. We're developing for Meta Quest with hand-tracking and have found a disruptive UI display issue when using either Multi-pass or Single-Pass Instanced Render Mode on Android.

Here's the problem:
- UI images/panels in Oculus present a checkered pattern.
- Images and colors are only appearing in the lower left corner.


This is only happening inside the Quest headset and not in the editor or on desktop. Please see the attached screenshots for how the UI should look.


We’ve truly exhausted all our resources trying to resolve this. Our attempted solutions include adjusting render settings, modifying lightmapping, re-importing assets, verifying UI configurations, applying different shaders, messing with image import settings for the backplates, and changing all the project settings we could think of. The problem is there are so many permutations of all of these settings that without professional guidance, it will take us forever to find a solution, if it exists at all. We do not have that time; we are on a tight deadline.

Despite our persistence, the issue remains unresolved, threatening our project's continuance. We are genuinely open to moving future projects to another platform if a resolution isn't found urgently.

If anyone here has encountered this and found a resolve, we could greatly use your advice. Unity team, we welcome your input. We are ready to share the project if necessary.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Can you give more context with the settings and assets that you're currently using? Were you able to get UI that rendered properly when starting from the base Unity UI assets? That would help determine whether it's a render settings issue or something more specific with the UI materials.