URGENT!!! - Unity keeps crashing

Good day. I have a very serious problem that I cannot solve. In my game project, I started working on creating the graphics settings for the game. However, after a while since I started doing this, Unity has crashed. From then on, every time I run a project, Unity always crashes. Here are the ways I have already tried:

  • creating a copy of the project and starting the copy
  • create a new project and run it with some original files
  • creating and starting a new, empty project
  • reinstallation of Unity

All of the above methods have failed. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am begging you, help me. If I cannot find a solution, I will reinstall Windows and want to avoid it

If you reinstall Unity and an empty project is crashing, you can try these options:

  • Try: empty the Library folder and start Unity
  • Empty the Assets folder and start Unity
  • Stop all antivirus or double-check that antivirus is not conflicting.
  • Try to think about what external tools interact with Unity and can make it crash.
  • Start Windows session as administrator and run Unity
  • In the Unity folder, properties>security tab, assign to Unity folders all permissions.
  • Check that Window is updated and that DirectX is working properly updated.
  • Start Windows in safe mode and try to open Unity.

If you find the solution please post it here.