Urgent: Unity to Spatial.io Publishing Problem

Hi all, Hoping I might get a work around rather than waiting for their quoted potential 1 month + lead time for a response!

Basically, to get to the crux of it, I have a space in Unity on one account - fully tested, published it and everything works fine. Went through the process of ‘Transferring the Project’ through the Unity Dashboard to the account I want to publish on. I have access to both Organisations, have seats / am a member of both. It says I have successfully transferred the project to the ownership of the second account, but has stated the ‘page is still being updated’ - see below attached image.

I’ve logged into the second Unity account on the Unity Hub and on Spatial.io, have reopened and relinked the project with the dashboard and now want to re-upload it to to go live with it on Spatial. But when I publish it says the following:

Publishing failed with the following error: {“errors”:[{“message”:“{"errors":[{"code":"NOT_OWNER_OF_PACKAGE","message":"user is not the owner of the package","statusCode":403}],"trace":"bae4efaa-d951-4933-9106-7bdaf36a8291"}”}],“trace”:“bae4efaa-d951-4933-9106-7bdaf36a8291”}

I am the owner of the package? Can anyone offer any advice to fix this please?

Thanks in advance

I have the same issue any update?