URL Escaping for Firebase

I am trying to download a image stored in the Firebase Storage, using Unity. I use Unity Firebase SKD (in Beta…). This is my code:

 // Points to "1/preview.jpg"
    Firebase.Storage.StorageReference img_ref = folder1_ref.Child("/preview.jpg");

// Fetch the download URL
img_ref.GetDownloadUrlAsync().ContinueWith(task => {

The console output is:


If I try to download the file using www or a browser, with this URL, I obtain an error. The good URL should be (copied by Firebase console):


The difference is only in a single slash (“/”) before the word “preview”, transformed in %2f

Is this strange? How could I fix it? I try Escape the URL but it change all the slash:


And It does’t work. I need to change only the parameters (right) slash

task.Result.OriginalString will work.

reference.GetDownloadUrlAsync ().ContinueWith ((task) =>
	if (task.IsFaulted || task.IsCanceled) {
				// Uh-oh, an error occurred!
		} else {
	         uri = task.Result.OriginalString;

Did you find a solution for this issue?

Wow thanks man !