URL from Video Player is not working

Hi everyone,

I am making an app for the GearVR where I need to show 360 videos. I’m using the VideoPlayer component attached to a sphere and it works fine when I copy my videos into the proyect.

The problem is the videos are too big and I would like to stream them via URL but no matter what I try it always gives me the error 00d36c4. I’ve googled it and it seems like a problem with the codecs but they are videos with H.264/ACC wich are the ones supported: [5.6 DRAFT] Video Player - Google Docs

Any ideas on how could I fixed this? It’s been driving me crazy for a few days.

Thank you very much.

In case someone else is having the same problem I finally got it working uploading the video to AWS. It’s the only URL I got to reproduce the video from but it does the job.

I have the same problem, I do not know what url to use, what should I do or were i have to put the video? Do not throw me any error, it just does not work in the phone.