I signed up for a 1 year subscription @ www.unitydeveloper.com ages ago but haven't gotten a single issue since. Does anybody know what the deal is with the magazine?

Is it possible to get my $50,- back in case this died a silent death? Which is a shame i might add although 3D Attack offers a very good replacement.

that site looks ominous... :-0

That magazine is dead, they should really remove the website. Search the forums here for past threads and you'll see that the last issue was published over a year ago. Email Charles Hinshaw (the publisher) for a refund, he now works for Unity Tech.

I bought a years sub, but only received 3 issues.

Not sure what's happening with it these days.

ordered a back issue four months ago, never got it, and no response to multiple emails.

I had sent a pm on the forum ages ago but have yet to receive a reply. Does anyone have a mail adres?

access@unitydeveloper.com? I found that on the website. Worth a try.

I had sent a PM to Charles Hinshaw on Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:29 am

No reply to date.

I will contact Charles directly and ask him to reply to this thread.


Any update on this?

This does look pretty bad. And unfortunately, it does reflect on Unity.

I think my company only received one issue.

Try reporting this to your credit card company. They should reverse the charges.

I used Paypal i'm afraid, this including shipping to the Netherlands.

I'd keep sending him emails and PM's. He's a remote employee working for Unity Tech, so you might be able to contact him by emailing his boss (David H.). I guess I should consider myself fortunate, I bugged him for a refund well over a year ago (and got it) when it had only been a year since the magazine's last issue. It's now, what, over two years since the last issue? It seems to me that how Charles is handling this really tarnishes both his and Unity's reputations.

Why do people keep associating the magazine with Unity Technologies. Charles started making the magazine long before he worked at UT. And please don't contact Unity's CEO with an issue that is totally unrelated to him. I will ping Charles and see why he's not replying.

Maybe because it's called 'Unity Developer?'
I mean, I understand why you shouldn't be… But anyone who sees the title would naturally assume that it's associated with UT.

Best wishes,

-Lincoln Green


The author of the magazine seem very irresponsible for wasting people's money, but I would have believe it's obvious unity.com doesn't have anything to do with them. Just because a magazine talks about unity, I don't see why anyone would just assume they're being released by unity itself, if it were, it would be found at unity.com, right?

When I see a magazine called Advanced Photoshop I assume Adobe makes it. Same with seeing a magazine with Unity in the title, I would assume Unity makes it.

But it has been made abundantly clear that Unity has nothing to do with the magazine. So I would suggest Unity ask their now employee to remove the old defunct website and tell him to respond to the complaints. Otherwise, yes this could reflect bad on Unity due to name association alone. Even though it is not Unity's place to do that I think it would help overall.

Maybe because it's called 'Unity Developer?'
I mean, I understand why you shouldn't be… But anyone who sees the title would naturally assume that it's associated with UT.

Best wishes,

-Lincoln Green

Also when I subscribed there was a direct link from the main Unity website, as far as I knew this was affiliated with Unity.

So where can we go for a refund anyways? 3 issues is not acceptable, at first it was delays, then it was going to have electronic releases, now silence.

Interesting, I not longer remember what I paid for but I got the "unity generals v1.1" thing back when it was available, thought i got 1 issue from that alone but I can't find the actual magazine in pdf on my machine shrugs the system doesn't recognize my emails either for viewing it digitally online, probably my issue, most likely a different system than what I bought that magazine issue, was looking forward to the articles.

I would just bug him about it if I were you, going to keep scouring my machine and see if I got anything other than the download for the content, dang seriously I can't remember if the magazine copy came in PDF at the time I got that piece.