URP 2D Lighting ignores camera Z rotation?

After adding 2D lighting to prototype I’m working on, I noticed something I assume is a bug but maybe I missed some step?
Normal map based lighting seems to ignore camera Z rotation.

Here’s a scene with 2 sprites with normals (I’ve attached their textures). The camera has no rotation.

When the camera is rotated, the light appears to stay in the same orientation (or you could say the normals are not rotating?).

I’ve attached the light settings too.
If I’m doing something dumb or missed some instruction for what I need to do to get this working, could you please let me know. Otherwise shall I report as a bug?


Similar issues, just finished URP setup by tutorials…
2) shadows ignore object rotation (compare shadows direction on both gray ships)

Thanks for reporting this.

This is a known bug with point lights. If you are not using your light like a spotlight I would suggest trying to use a parametric light instead.

any progress on that?

Same issue with scale. Sprite shape also ignores its shape and tangent when rendering normals into buffer…