URP: Bloom, Lift, Gamma, Gain without Post Processing

Hey, I have been using Post Processing built in URP till now, and I was just wondering, if there is some other, simple way to add Bloom and Lift, Gamma, Gain to the 2D scene. For example using some URP shader graphs.

The reason why I’d love to achieve this is, that I don’t like the limitations of adding effect on the render:

  • You cannot make a Sprite Renderer be excluded from PP
  • You cannot combine more group of effects in one scene

The short answer is no and maybe. Bloom is exclusively a post-processing effect purely from an implementation standpoint - the closest you could get would be to fake it with glow on sprites or a separate translucent emissive object for 3D scenes. As for colour correction, you could implement it directly in the shader - this would give you control over each individual material (which has its own upsides and downsides).