URP: Drag and drop render texture to light cookie does not work

In the build in render pipeline you can drag and drop a RenderTexture into the Cookie slot of the Light component.

In URP you can set the cookie to a RenderTexture only with a script. Would be cool if the drag and drop feature would be ready in the final 2021.2 release.


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Please report this and we will get to it. Since that seems to be a bug / feature request. Thanks.

Reported with case number 1355504

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Thanks for the report @Jar_Coding !

Here's the Issue Tracker link: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/render-texture-cannot-be-assigned-as-a-cookie-of-lights-when-assigning-through-the-inspector

This happens with HDRP too.

How to correctly setup light cookie with Unity 2021.2+, it's supposed to work with URP.

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Did anyone figure out how to correctly add a light cookie in 2021.2+? I have just upgraded a project to use URP 12.1.4 and see the LightCookie field for lights in the editor, with a previously valid cookie, but no cookie is being applied. Note: the texture being used is of type Cookie.

UPDATE: it appears that switching to Progressive GPU (preview) in settings resolves this issue for me. I now have light cookies being applied.
1) Window > Rendering > Lighting
2) Lightmapping Settings
3) Lightmapper

This is not at all resolved. Trying to drag a rendertexture in there, blanks out right away. Unity 2021.3.13f1.
correction: it works for directional light, but point lights outright refuse :|

[edit] seems for point-light you need to use a cubemap. Haven't been able to use a rendertexture as cubemap (throws errors), but if that's the required step if you'd like to use rendertextures with point lights.

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