URP Explenation?

Does anyone know of a DETAILED video or even doc, on how to setup UPR, I was stuck for atleast an hour wondering why I couldnt even find UPR in my Package Manager, only to find in a few different tutorials later that I needed unity 2019.3, fair enough… wish that was stated (even the Unity Doc didnt explain this), So I updated Unity, Installed URP, But now have no access to profiles or overrides (they both have no options to add anything).

This link

is one of the many tutorials I watched for URP and the main part I am stuck at is @2:09 when he clicks the ‘Rendering’ tab, I do not have a Rendering tab (can only assume its once again something that Im unknowingly missing).

Here is a Screenshot of the Global Volume I was told to create in a seperate tutorial (It has no Overrides, weather it is suppose to or not I have no idea).

Here is another Screenshot of where I am ‘suppose’ to have a Render Tab

I thought while I wait possibly weeks for a response on the youtube videos, I’d toss a more detailed question up here.

Issue was resolved. I uninstalled URP and reinstalled (this did nothing) then I uninstalled and reinstalled unity 2019.3 then installed URP again and it worked fine, hope this can save hours of headaches for someone in he future.