URP is just not working.


I created a 2D project with URP and it worked for a little bit it just stopped working and when I create lights it's like they are not on, please help.

Hey thanks for the question, @Mushrumforest ! May I know which Unity version are you on?

Sometimes it could be a Sorting Layer mismatch. For the 2D Lights to have effects on the Sprites, the Sorting Layer of the Sprites needs to be the same as the Target Sorting Layer of the 2D Lights. If they aren't, try resetting it back to the Default Sorting Layer to see if it works?

Also, the 2D Lights would stop working if the 2D Renderer was replaced with other renderers like the Universal Renderer. If that's the case, try switching it back to the 2D Renderer to see if that fixes the issue?

If none of these work, perhaps try posting some screenshots here? Those are always super helpful when it comes to troubleshooting.