(URP) Lighting problem, n>1 point lights not rendering

In the screenshot with the road, some point lights just don’t appear and in the screenshot with the hanger, some glow brighter (x position is same, lights are all same prefabs, and in the picture with the road, y position is same) I suspect that something may be at its limit, but I don’t know much about lighting, all these are point lights.


This is because URP, for forward renderer-specific performance reasons, limits number of point lights being rendered per mesh.

Naive answer: To increase this limit find all (usually 3) assets that host render quality settings (only one of them is active in the editor).

note: high number of point lights per mesh will make all shaders less efficient.

Better answer: Increase number of point lights / mesh to more than 1 only if you really have to and fake point point lights with old and well-proven technique called lens flares (glowing textured billboards). URP offers a built-in solution for that: