Hello everyone, I am having a really spesific issue. I couldn't find anything relatable on the internet and seems like I'm the only one having this issue (bug maybe). The problem is lights and colors on my game looks significantly different in editor and build versions. I've tried to build my game before and it worked just fine couple of days ago. But now as much as I'm try to build with different light settings and with or without post processing the result is the same. I tried so many different settings and now I feel like it just might be a bug. Fortunately I am at the early stages of my game so I can consider migrating my whole project to a new Unity URP Project but still I want to know what might cause this issue.

Note: I'm using Unity Editor 2021.3.1f1 LTS version

Game looks like this in editor:

And looks like this in build:



Wow that is definitely new. What is that? Do you see this on editor only? If the new URP causes this it must fixed immediately

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It seems like an shader related issue. You might want to check your shader includes.

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Have you tried switching between linear and gamma light modes under the Player Settings > Other Settings > Rendering > Color Space?

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There are so many issues with 2021 Unity Editor even with the LTS version. You might want to downgrade your unity version if you really made up your mind about migrating the project.

I’ve tried both it doesn’t work either way. Even though if it worked with Gamma color space I don’t want to use it for this project.

I am actually considering to migrate the whole project to 2019.4.31f LTS I've used this editor version for a year and I don't remember having such critical issues.

I'm having the same issue... Did o
You found the fix?

I found the solution for the problem. Actually is something very dumb.
URP uses Screen Space Ambiente Occlusion in order to render ambiente occlusion.
If your current quality setting are not using the SSAO, this will change how lights behavior.
Everything you need to do to fix the problem is just check a box.
I hope this can help