URP Material wrong on Android

I am making an Android game and chose Universal Render Pipeline for my materials. In the attached image is what I am seeing. Looking good in the editor but on my phone the foam is not working correctly. Could this be a setting I missed? I am new to URP and Unity mobile. The water shader is a free asset store item. I have enough shader knowledge to know the basics of what is happening but not enough to fix the bug. I will be glad to take images of the different shader nodes if someone thinks that might be the problem.

Not having a answer for your exact issue but from my experience I’ve had projects that looked differently on various devices, some devices had various graphic issues that other devices don’t have. I suspect is because of the difference between the graphic chips and how the manufacture implemented the drivers.

so if that shader was created for android and was advertised as working for android probably on the author device it had no issue but doesn’t work in your device