URP Transparent mesh sorting on top of UI image

Is it possible to not have the transparent part of this mesh NOT go “right through” the UI image (black surface) below it?

You should be able to achieve that effect by using a Sorting Group that contains both the UI image and the MeshRenderer (with the UI image having a lower Order). Because the wastebasket model is two-sided, you’ll probably want to use the Unseparated setting for Depth Pass to make sure the back doesn’t render on top of the front. You won’t be able to see the back through the front, because we don’t have a mode to render the back faces first for two-sided materials. However, if you were to put triangles facing inwards into a separate mesh, you could use the sorting group to make those render after the UI image but before the outside facing triangles and thereby see both sides.

And what about trash in the wastebasket?