Uscript Teleporting to a specific location in a different scene

I need somebody who is knowledgeable with UScript. I have a house hallway with a door. I have it set up where you press “E” to enter the door to a bedroom. The scene switches fine with the Level load node and I have the player controller attached to a do not destroy on load node but I just teleport to the new scene in a unspecified location. I need to have you teleport to the actual bedroom in the new scene.

I initially set up player controllers in each of the scenes so I start wherever they are placed but I eventually want to add different rooms like a bathroom and multiple bedrooms and by doing this method in theory whenever I would exit lets say the bathroom I would be outside of the bedroom so I just want to teleport the same character controller to specific locations in different scenes.

If anyone has any knowledge with Uscript any help would be appreciated.

Whatever information you need from me just let me know.