Usd / USDZ

You used to get it in the package manager
the USD package (importer / exporter & samples)
but it’s gone.

There is still a gitHub:

But with no package
I cant download via Git through the package manager

and when I download the repo I have to dig in and find a “package.json” deep within
This installs something (v3.0) and gives me a USD menu put is not really functional

Any ideas?

I had this issue but it was because I didn’t have Preview Packages checkbox enabled in the Package Manager settings under the Project Settings Dialog Box under the top-leve Edit Menu.

This is confusing because if anywhere, I would have expected it in the Preferences menu. They moved it, I get the impression they are trying to hide it.

If you have no obviously labled preview packages when you inspect the Unity Registry packages in the Package Manager then it is probably not enabled.

Thanks @MikeWise
That was the first thing I tried, see below. mi

ght be a 2021 issue though