USDZ plugin support?

Is there USDZ plugin support for runtime downloads from unity?

Hi @ina

Unity doesn’t maintain any of the Apple plugins; you’ll need to reach out to them directly about that!


In general does Unity support usdz

There’s some support for importing and exporting USDZ. See this repository.

Do you know if this works on device for Vision Pro?

I do not, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. If it works in the simulator, I would expect it to work on device.

i have had both mesh and shaders that loaded in simulator that did not on device, etc

This repo states that USD support is available from 2023 on. But visionOS support is limited to 2022. So I am a bit confused?

The new packages (the ones linked in the announcement) require 2023. The old packages (the ones actually contained in the repo) only require 2019.4 (at least according to their package manifest). However, I haven’t actually tried using them; I just found them with a quick Google search. Support for importing/exporting USD is outside the domain of PolySpatial (aside from our conversion of shader graphs to MaterialX USD files), so it’s not something our team is focusing on.

why is polyspatial not compatible with unity 2023? it’s the year 2024 and visionPro is a 2024 device not a 2022 toy

Hi @kapolka , it is a bit frustrating to see that there doesn’t currently seem to be a way to integrate USD support in development with Polyspatial. The old experimental version of the USD plugin only functions on Intel chips, which Polyspatial does not, while the new updated one only works on Unity 2023/Unity 6, which currently Polyspatial still doesn’t have a release for. I understand this probably isn’t a major priority for the team, but it would be nice to start working with Apple’s natively preferred formats throughout development.