Use 3D Object with UI "Button" Script?

So, is it possible. To use Button Script one usually sees in basic UI Sprite buttons?
I want to send event to open an Options canvas, via this 3D button.
Ive added Box Collider to gameobject, and “Button”, and assigned it to open the menu On Click ().
Suprisingly nothing happens. If i add the Options gameobject to Canvas, it shows up well in scene view, but disappears to void once game is launched.

I tried to make an Script to Send the event, but failed miserably. Didnt get any further than function OnMouseDown(){ .

I think its possible to use UI with 3D objects, but it’s going to be a bit clunky, as this isn’t the use-case the UI Button was built for.

function OnMouseDown() will work better for you, but the object with this script also must have a Collider (Box, Sphere, Mesh, etc) on it. When you click on the collider, Unity will auto-magically call the OnMouseDown function. Try adding a collider and seeing if that function works for you.

However, something to keep in mind, is when you start mixing your Options UI panel with an OnMouseDown object you can get unexpected results. A common issue, the clicks will register on the UI and the 3D object, which is usually not desired. There are a few solutions, but this video was a good resource for me.