Use a render texture with a particle system. (transparent background)

Hi all. I’m trying to use a render texture in order to put a particle system on a raw image. It’s not working too well though. I’ve managed to capture it on the render texture but not without a background. I need the background to be transparent. I have tried setting the skybox of the rendered camera to a solid color with an alpha of 0, but this sets the alpha of the particle system to 0 as well as the background. Hopefully there’s an easy way to do this. I’ve seen similar topics where the solution is to use a shader or something, but the truth is… I’m a total noob with shaders :D. If someone could help that would be great!

The easiest way to make an image transparent is to create a world space canvas and attach a canvas group component to it. An alpha option pops up and inside of the canvas (as a child) will go transparent.

I think this solves what you’re trying to do.
If not, just add a comment.