Use Gl.Lines to connect Vector3 points in world space

I have the basic idea for GL and how to render lines, but i am a bit confused on how to render in world space given Vector3 coordinates.

I know I must either use GL.modelView or MultMatrix to render them in world space.

The real use is to iterate over a list of Vector3 objects of a path of one of my units, and render a line between them. I know I want to make a vertex at my unit, and for the first point in the list. Then I loop for every other vertex in the list and make a GL.Vertex call.

Here is my current snippet (that compiles but shows no lines):
Current OnPostRender code

If you want to setup the GL context for a specific camera, all you have to do is:

Camera cam;

GL.modelview = cam.worldToCameraMatrix;

Now you’re rendering in world space from that camera view.

If your camera doesn’t cover the whole screen, you also need to set the viewport so everything you draw is clipped by the viewport rect and the projection is actually centered in the viewport: