Use iOS plugin for presentations on iPad.


I want to use Unity for creating architectural presentations. So I can use my iPad in combination with a beamer to show the client around a building. Is this possible with the Free version and the separate ios plugin without being a developer? We use Macs at the office. Does the plugin create an app that I can install on my iPad only? Thanks for the help!

If by “plugin” you mean the Unity iOS license (Unity has no plugins, there is only one download for everything), then no, you need to be a registered Apple developer. When you publish from Unity, it creates an XCode project, which you can build to create an iOS app. You need to be a registered developer in order to install the app.

Thanks for your answer. So this means I can’t copy the app for personal use to my iPad without developer registration? Hmm, too bad.
I will have to think before adding the iOS license now.