use jpg in unity3d

i am new to Unity3d - and have a problem

I have greate a house in Cinema4d and export it as FBX, everythinh is ok except one thing.

i have some jpg-photos in a textures map, and wish to use this at a cube - so it look like a painting - I can see the jpg in Inspector"materials", men not in Preview or Scene???

Drag the texture onto the object in the editor or click on the material and click on the texture slot and select the one you want.


From your answer...

It might be that the planes you're using are facing the wrong way, this happens frequently when exporting from a modeling program with back face culling on or when cloning an object by flipping it horizontally instead of actually making another plane with the correct facing.

You can try rotating the plane in the Editor to see if the image is there.

i can still not see the jpg-photo in the scene

see the photos below

1: show the scene - the painting just have one color

2: Can see the jpg in the "materials" but not in the Scene

alt text

alt text